My name is Sarah and I am the writer of “The Midlife with a Twist”. So what’s this all about then? Well, I felt the urge on the 3rd of January 2018 to do something different.

I love life and all sorts of interests and topics, not limited to: writing, photography, fitness, zombies, beauty, travel and interesting conversations and the occasional discussion. ¬†Every time I used “Google” to search for particular topics I’d be inundated with “Make him stay using these 5 steps” or “sign up now for your next free email newsletter with absolutely no more information than you get on my clickbait website”.

At 41, there was nothing that spoke to me. Nothing that made me think or excited me. It was all the same? The same flat-lays and travel photos, the same memes and wine jokes (never joke about wine, that stuff is serious).

I wanted to create a space of interest for myself that was outside of the normal instagram perfection and sponsored ad heavy sea of “How I got a 1000 views in 4.5 seconds of launching my blog and how you can too!”. I also look like Coco the clown when i apply that much contouring make-up – So, what’s left?

My dad always told me to write my own stories. I lost him last year after the most brutal battle with cancer. Just 12 weeks after he went to his doctor with a bit of a dodgy cough, ¬†and there I am kissing this frail and unrecognisable man goodbye for the very last time. I’ve decided that this is my way of continuing his unending interest and curiosity in life. My way of making him proud, that and my absolute determination to keep learning and growing.

So, yeah. This website started. I haven’t got a clue what I’m doing, this is hands in the air on the loop-de-loop all the way!

It’s going to be a brilliant ride. Why not come along?


Sarah XOXO

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